Artwork of Hans Op de Beeck



By Lecia Bushak, REA Intern

Hans op de Beeck is a Belgian artist whose themes touch upon alienation in modern society, recreating unremarkable and desolate landscapes in painstaking detail.  Through architectural drawings, tiny models and films, Hans op de Beeck depicts the emptiness, melancholy, and absurdity he observes in modern scenes such as parking lots, gardens and homes.

“I see such situations as absurd bits of information,” he once said.  “As artist you are able to present them. It is a human inability to grasp the reason for life, but it is possible to, in certain ways, touch upon it.”


One Person Landscape is a disturbing scene designed for the viewing of only one person.  It is the ability to capture the individual viewer’s memory and isolation in an almost enchanting way, that makes Hans op de Beeck’s work quite melancholy and romantic.

One Person Landscape, 2000


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